Maps of the geographical area and la Cueva de Los Sabinos A map of the Sierra de El Abra region in North East Mexico for localization of la Cueva de Los Sabinos. Red dots indicate cave locations where Astyanax cavefish populations are described. The Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra del Abra Tanchipa is highlighted in green B map of Los Sabinos topography. Pool 1 and pool 2 are identified. The red triangle points to the place where the sponges were observed in pool 2. Water bodies are colored in blue. There are more pools with the potential of also having sponges after “Elliott’s swim”. The large arrows show the probable connection with Sótano del Arroyo. The photo inset shows pool 2, where the first observations of the sponge were made in February 2022. Thick white arrows point to white sponges, brown arrows point to Astyanax cavefish populating the pond. Black asterisks indicate an artefactual line of reflection of the rocky overhang on the water surface. The small cord is an attachment for a temperature probe. Sponges are associated and clinging to the rocks scattered on the bottom of this pool.

  Part of: Legendre L, Espinasa L, Lacaille-Múzquiz J-L, Alaniz-Garfía G, Ornelas-García P, Rétaux S (2023) First record of a freshwater cave sponge (Porifera, unknown gen. and sp.) in a cave inhabited by Astyanax cavefish in the Sierra de El Abra, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Subterranean Biology 45: 187-198.