Design of subterranean baited traps and the aboveground and subterranean environments at the collection sites. 1 Trap without cover, showing sections containing attractant (larger container) and preservative (smaller container) 2 Trap with cover, showing the entrance section (square with broken lines) 3 Trap installed in hole, showing nylon cord, part of which will be left aboveground as a marker 4 Aboveground environment of the Pterostichus shinbodakensis type locality 5 Hole for the trap at the P. shinbodakensis type locality, showing the subterranean environment 6 Aboveground environment of the P. tateishiyamanus type locality 7 Hole for the trap at the P. tateishiyamanus type locality, showing the subterranean environment. The magnifications of the photos vary (see text for trap size).

  Part of: Sasakawa K, Itô H (2017) Two new species of the Pterostichus macrogenys species group (Coleoptera, Carabidae) discovered in shallow subterranean habitats in northern Honshu, Japan. Subterranean Biology 21: 47-56.