Morphological comparison among namanereidins. Namanereis hummelincki (A, E) (USNM 29715, 29716); Namanereis cf. amboinensis (B, F, I, L) (ECOSUR P-2902); Namalycastis occulta (C, G, J, M) (ECOSUR P-2649); N. borealis D, H, K, N. A–D (ECOSUR P-2651). Anterior ends, dorsal view E–H Right parapodia from anterior (10, left) and posterior (right) chaetigers I–K Left jaws, dorsal view L–M Dorsalmost (left) and ventralmost (right) sub-acicular, heterogomph falcigers from chaetiger 10. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (A–D); 0.1 mm (E–H); 50 µm (I–K); 10 µm (L–N).

  Part of: Conde-Vela VM (2017) The troglomorphic adaptations of Namanereidinae (Annelida, Nereididae) revisited, including a redescription of Namanereis cavernicola (Solís-Weiss & Espinasa, 1991), and a new Caribbean species of Namanereis Chamberlin, 1919. Subterranean Biology 23: 19-28.