Chaetal arrangement of some namanereidins referred in this study. A Scheme showing the parapodial fascicles and their positions in relation to neuroaciculum B Neuropodial lobe of right parapodium from chaetiger 10 of Namalycastis occulta, showing the position of chaetae in type D species when mounted C–E Chaetal arrangement of types A, C and E, and their variants found in literature (modified from Glasby 1999, Fig. 1).

  Part of: Conde-Vela VM (2017) The troglomorphic adaptations of Namanereidinae (Annelida, Nereididae) revisited, including a redescription of Namanereis cavernicola (Solís-Weiss & Espinasa, 1991), and a new Caribbean species of Namanereis Chamberlin, 1919. Subterranean Biology 23: 19-28.