Neocarus spelaion sp. n. (Female): A Lateral view of chelicerae B Ventral view of subcapitulum C Detail of a seta with a fine tip D Detail of a seta with a rounded tip, found only in females (arrows in Fig. B). Abbreviations; cb1–4 = circumbuccal setae, pl1–4 = paralabial setae, ch = cheliceral setae, cht = basal segment seta, lb = labrum, id = dorsal lyrifissure, iα = antiaxial lyrifissure.

  Part of: Bernardi LFO, Borges-Filho EL (2018) Neocarus spelaion sp. n. (Parasitiformes, Opilioacaridae), a new species of cave dwelling Neocarus from Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Subterranean Biology 27: 1-16.