Main patterns in cave-dwelling pholcid spiders. Numbers in parentheses are usually species numbers (1–8), but cave numbers in (9). 1 Troglomorphic and non-troglomorphic cave-dwelling pholcids; a, eyes normal; b, eyes reduced in size and/or pigment; c, eyes absent 2 Generic assignment of the 86 troglomorphic pholcid species 3 Generic assignment of the 42 ‘strongly’ troglomorphic species 4 Subfamily assignment of the 86 troglomorphic species; S., Smeringopinae; A., Arteminae5 Known habitat of 473 cave-dwelling pholcids 6 Number of caves known to be inhabited by 298 species known from caves only 7 Geographic distribution of the 86 troglomorphic species 8 Geographic distribution of the 21 eyeless species 9 Number of species found in each of 1000 caves.

  Part of: Huber BA (2018) Cave-dwelling pholcid spiders (Araneae, Pholcidae): a review. Subterranean Biology 26: 1-18.