Pylogeographical convergence between mysid shrimps in the Sierra de El Abra and the mtDNA of Astyanax cavefish (right). Both aquatic species harbor the evolutionary signature of a phylogeographical discordance, where genetic markers of populations in central Sierra de El Abra are extremely distinct from the rest of the populations. Nuclear tree (left) based on the consensus of isoenzymes, RAPDs, microsatellite, and genomic sequences. a) Pachón as representative of northern populations. b-c) Sabinos and Tinaja as representative of central populations. d) Chica and Chiquitita as representative of southern populations.

  Part of: Kopp J, Avasthi S, Espinasa L (2018) Phylogeographical convergence between Astyanax cavefish and mysid shrimps in the Sierra de El Abra, Mexico. Subterranean Biology 26: 75-84.