A–C Live specimens of cave Astroblepus pholeter D Two different surface Astroblepus sp. from the Apurimac drainage. Notice contrasting coloration between A and B both of which were collected in 2011. Pigmentation level variability within the cave population in 2011 spanned from pinkish-white white (A) to pigmented (B) at levels equivalent to some surface Astroblepus (D). Specimens collected in 2011 had longer fins (A) than those collected in 2015 (C). Notice as well that some surface Astroblepus (bottom one in D) can have small eyes of a size equivalent to cave specimens. A Modified from Haspel et al. (2012)B Modified from the Soares Lab web-page-photo C Specimen collected on 2015 D Modified from Schaefer et al. (2011).

  Part of: Espinasa L, Robinson J, Soares D, Hoese G, Toulkeridis T, Toomey III R (2018) Troglomorphic features of Astroblepus pholeter, a cavefish from Ecuador, and possible introgressive hybridization. Subterranean Biology 27: 17-29. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.27.27098