Specimens collected in 1962 (A modified from Collette 1962) and 2011 (B Modified from Soares and Niemiller 2013) had proportionally longer pectoral fins and maxillary barbels than specimens observed in the field in 2015 (C). Images have been scaled to the same body size (blue arrow). Notice that length of appendages in C–D (red arrows) are progressively smaller than in B and A (red plus yellow and green arrows).

  Part of: Espinasa L, Robinson J, Soares D, Hoese G, Toulkeridis T, Toomey III R (2018) Troglomorphic features of Astroblepus pholeter, a cavefish from Ecuador, and possible introgressive hybridization. Subterranean Biology 27: 17-29. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.27.27098