A Sphalloplana mohri Hyman, 1938 from Cold Spring, Travis Co., Texas, USA B Caecidotea reddelli (Steeves, 1968) from Rocket River Cave, Coryell Co., Texas, USA C Stygobromus balconis (Hubricht, 1943) from Autumn Woods Well, Hays Co., Texas, USA. All photographs by Dr. Jean K. Krejca, Zara Environmental LLC. Images not to scale.

  Part of: Nissen BD, Devitt TJ, Bendik NF, Gluesenkamp AG, Gibson R (2018) New occurrence records for stygobiontic invertebrates from the Edwards and Trinity aquifers in west-central Texas, USA. Subterranean Biology 28: 1-13. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.28.29282