Phylogenetic tree of the CO1 dataset (808 bp) using the BI methodology. Posterior probabilities generated from the analysis are shown for each clade with the top numbers. Confidence values given from the bootstrapped ML method are shown for each clade with the bottom numbers. The ‘x’ symbols indicate varying topology between the BI and ML analyses. ML trees are reported in the Appendix for cross-reference. Species delimitation results are depicted using major color groups for the mPTP results, and subcolor groups for the ABGD results.

  Part of: Gladstone NS, Niemiller ML, Pieper EB, Dooley KE, McKinney ML (2019) Morphometrics and phylogeography of the cave-obligate land snail Helicodiscus barri (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora, Helicodiscidae). Subterranean Biology 30: 1-32.