21 Cycladiacampa irakleiae Sendra, sp. nov habitus (photo: I. Gavalas) 22 map of the cave of Irakleia, modified from Petrocheilou (1971); most of the specimens of Cycladiacampa irakleiae n.gen., n.sp. were collected in the western part of the cave 23 the first large chamber of Spilaio Agiou Ioanni cave (photo: I. Gavalas) 24 the narrow entrance of Spilaio Agiou Ioanni cave, Irakleia, Cyclades (photo: I. Gavalas).

  Part of: Sendra A, Nikoloudakis I, Gavalas I, Selfa J, Paragamian K (2020) A surprising new genus and species of cave-adapted Plusiocampinae Cycladiacampa irakleiae (Diplura, Campodeidae) from Irakleia Island, Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Archipelago (Greece). Subterranean Biology 35: 15-32. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.35.53579