Speleological map and ecology of Tham Houey Yè (18°56'11"N, 102°25'28"E) including 11.2 km of caverns A shell of L. renouardi sp. nov. on moist substrate (image: M. Ferrand) and map of the cave showing the entrance to the cave, the collection site of L. renouardi sp. nov. marked by a red star and the entrance to the nearby touristic cave of Tham Pha Leusi. Tiny question marks on the map indicate uncertainties regarding the continuation of unexplored tiny galleries (EEGC et al. 2003, 2005) B landscape view from the entrance of Tham Houey Yè (image: M. Ferrand) C west gallery (image: M. Ferrand) D natural upper entrance of the cavern system Tham Houey Yè – Tham Pha Leusi (image: M. Ferrand) E active section of Yè River during the dry season in Tham Houey Yè (image: J- F. Fabriol).

  Part of: Jochum A, Bochud E, Favre A, Ferrand M, Wackenheim Q (2020) A new species of Laoennea microsnail (Stylommatophora, Diapheridae) from a cave in Laos. Subterranean Biology 36: 1-9. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.36.58977