Valenciolenda fadaforesta sp. nov., V. instar nymph (SEM) a head and pronotum, dorsal view b head, ventral view c left antenna, dorsal view d head (partim) with antenna, left lateral aspect; arrow indicates the former position of the compound eye e tip of left antenna, as in Fig. 8e, enlarged f overview of body, right lateral view, arrow indicates meracanthus g meracanthus, as in Fig. 8f, enlarged.

  Part of: Hoch H, Sendra A, Montagud S, Teruel S, Ferreira RL (2021) First record of a cavernicolous Kinnaridae from the Old World (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Fulgoromorpha, Kinnaridae, Adolendini) provides testimony of an ancient fauna. Subterranean Biology 37: 1-26.