Bahalana geracei manca development A ventral view; 13.0 mm ā™€ #5 (2018) releasing first mancas 2.3 mm long; 27 July 2019 B dorsal view; manca (M1) 2.3 mm long, just released from female #5 (2018); note white hepatopancreas and most appendages held along sides; 27 July 2019 C lateral view; 2.5 mm manca (M1) #7-31A (2019) eating first meal (shrimp); 5 August 2019 D lateral view; manca (M1) eating brine shrimp; 11 August 2019 E ventral view; 3.5 mm ā™‚ manca (M3) #8-6 (2019) with red hepatopancreas from eating shrimp; arrows at developing 7th pereopods crossed under 6th pereopods; 18 April 2020 F ventral view; 3.5 mm ā™‚ manca (M3) #8-6 (2019) with red hepatopancreas; arrows at developing 7th pereopods, Pā€™s point to penes; 18 April 2020.

  Part of: Carpenter JH (2021) Forty-year natural history study of Bahalana geracei Carpenter, 1981, an anchialine cave-dwelling isopod (Crustacea, Isopoda, Cirolanidae) from San Salvador Island, Bahamas: reproduction, growth, longevity, and population structure. Subterranean Biology 37: 105-156.