Bahalana geracei mancas feeding A lateral and dorsal views; ~2.5 mm mancas (M1) eating California black worm; 27 August 2019 B dorsal view; ~2.5 mm manca (M1) with full gut from eating worm; 27 August 2019 C lateral view; ~2.5 mm manca (M1) #7-30 (2019) eating brine shrimp; eye at arrow was eaten and shows in next photo; 11 August 2019 D dorsal view; ~2.5 mm manca (M1) #7-30 (2019) with dark brine shrimp eyes in stomach; 11 August 2019 E dorsal view; ~2.5 mm manca (M1) #7-27A (2019) with red gut after eating cooked shrimp; 21 October 2019 F dorsal view; ~2.5 mm manca (M1) #7-27A (2019) with red hepatopancreas 10 days after eating cooked shrimp; 31 October 2019.

  Part of: Carpenter JH (2021) Forty-year natural history study of Bahalana geracei Carpenter, 1981, an anchialine cave-dwelling isopod (Crustacea, Isopoda, Cirolanidae) from San Salvador Island, Bahamas: reproduction, growth, longevity, and population structure. Subterranean Biology 37: 105-156.