Morphometric comparisons between cave (closed circles) and epigean Antes Creek (open circles) sculpins (Modified from Espinasa and Jeffery 2003). Green arrows point to Lose tooth cave specimens, showing they are within the morphologically range of Eiswert #1 cave specimens. From these plots, cave specimens were further evaluated to assign their overall individual troglomorphic appearance. The seven individuals furthest above, nine closest, and the seven individuals furthest below the linear regression line were identified. Each were correspondingly assigned a numerical value to indicate they had a troglobitic (0; red), intermediate (1; black), or surface-like (2; blue) appearance.

  Part of: Espinasa L, Smith DM, Lindquist JM (2021) The Pennsylvania grotto sculpin: population genetics. Subterranean Biology 38: 47-63.