Type material of taxa described by Bourguignat, 1887 A syntype of H. klecakiana MHNG -110592. Croatie, ex Yougoslavie, Ribarić, Vallée de La Cettina (=Cetina) (=Vrijovac spring in the source area of the Cetina River), Vriovac spring in Paško polje, near to village Cetina. The following species are junior synonyms of H. klecakiana: B syntype of H. verlikana MHNG 110600 Marais entre Verlika (=Vrlika=Verlicca) et Ribaric C syntype of H. palustris MHNG 110597 Fontaine à Ervac (=Hrvace) D syntype of H. obtusa MHNG 110596 Sorgente de La Cetina E syntype of H. letourneuxi MHNG 110593 Fontaine du moulin à Ervac (=Hrvace) F syntype of H. fontinalis MHNG 110589, Sorgente de La Cettina G syntype of H. albanica MHNG 110587, Source du moulin Cetina, à Durazzo (=Durrës), not Durrës in Albania, likely the misspelling of the watermill name in village Cetina H syntype of H. obliquq MHNG 110594 Fontaine du moulin à Ervac (=Hrvace). (Photo MHNG by Estée Bochud and Eike Neubert, kindly provided by Emmanuel Tardy).

  Part of: Falniowski A, Grego J, Rysiewska A, Osikowski A, Hofman S (2021) Two new stygobiotic species of Horatia Bourguignat, 1887 (Hydrobiidae) from Croatia. Subterranean Biology 37: 89-104. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.37.61573