A Location of the Lower Shakuranskaya Cave on the map of Abkhazia B sampling stations location scheme in the Lower Shakuranskaya Cave in 2018–2019. In numbers – stations, sampled in February 2018, May and October, 2019; in letters – additional stations, sampled in October, 2019 (for each station indicated numbers of stygobionts, stygophiles and stygoxenes). Views on the cave stream C at station 2 (ecotone zone) D at station 4 E at station 5.

  Part of: Borisov RR, Chertoprud ES, Palatov DM, Novichkova AA (2021) Variability in macrozoobenthic assemblages along a gradient of environmental conditions in the stream water of karst caves (Lower Shakuranskaya Cave, western Caucasus). Subterranean Biology 39: 107-127. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.39.65733