Reconstruction of the genital organs (from sagittal sections) A Haber speciosus (Hrabĕ, 1931) B Haber monfalconensis (Hrabĕ, 1966) C Haber zavreli (Hrabĕ, 1942). Abbreviations on the figure: at – atrium; de – ductus ejaculatorius; ff – femal funnel; mf – male funnel; o – ovary; pa – penial apparatus; pr – prostate gland; pss – penial setal sac; ss – sperm sac; st – spermatheca; sts – spermathecal seta; t – testis; vd – vas deferens. In original paper figure C without scale bar. (A after Holmquist 1978 B, C after Holmquist 1979).

  Part of: Dumnicka E, Wojtal AZ (2021) Revalidation of the stygobiotic species Haber zavreli (Hrabĕ, 1942) (Clitellata, Naididae, Tubificinae) with discussion on the closely related species Haber speciosus (Hrabĕ, 1931) and Haber monfalconensis (Hrabĕ, 1966). Subterranean Biology 39: 143-156.