NMS ordination diagram of collembolan communities at five scree sites collected by two sampling methods; the variance explained by the x and y axes is 55% and 20%, respectively, Abbreviations: s – soil samples, t – subterranean traps, life forms: green – epigeonts, blue – hemiedaphobionts, red – euedaphobionts, (for site abbreviations, see the “Material and methods” section, for species abbreviations see the Appendices 1–5).

  Part of: Jureková N, Raschmanová N, Miklisová D, Kováč Ľ (2021) A comparison of collecting methods in relation to the diversity of Collembola in scree habitats. Subterranean Biology 40: 1-26. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.40.69808