Maps of Serra do Ramalho karst area, State of Bahia, northeastern Brazil A limestone outcrops of the Bambuí geomorphological group, Fraturado and Urucuia-Areado aquifer systems showing the type-localities (caves) of X. lapaensis sp. nov. and X. loboi sp. nov. B headwaters and São Francisco river basin C pressure for land use showing human-caused alterations D pressure for mining activities.

  Part of: Campos-Filho IS, Gallo JS, Gallão JE, Torres DF, Horta L, Carpio-Díaz YM, López-Orozco CM, Borja-Arrieta R, Aguiar JO, Bichuette ME (2022) Unique and fragile diversity emerges from Brazilian caves – two new amphibious species of Xangoniscus Campos-Filho, Araujo & Taiti, 2014 (Oniscidea, Styloniscidae) from Serra do Ramalho karst area, state of Bahia, Brazil. Subterranean Biology 42: 1-22.