Eupera troglobia shell SEM images of paratypes 153866 14 specimen #8 (part damaged), valves opened ~40°, ventral view 15 same, higher magnification 16 same, higher magnification, region of cardinal tooth 17 specimen #9 (part damaged), valves opened ~60°, ventral view, mainly showing hinge of left valve 18 same, right valve 19 shell of young specimen extracted from gill’s marsupium, left valve, outer left view 20 same, detail of umbo showing prodissoconch in its center, left-slightly dorsal view 21 another intra marsupial specimen (part damaged), right valve, inner ventral-slightly left view, focus on hinge, part of left valve still attached by ligament. Scale bars: 500 µm (14, 17, 18), 300 µm (15), 100 µm (19), 50 µm (16, 21), 30 µm (20).

  Part of: Simone LRL, Ferreira RL (2022) Eupera troglobia sp. nov.: the first troglobitic bivalve from the Americas (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae). Subterranean Biology 42: 165-184.