Asellus ismailsezarii sp. nov., male; SEM micrographs of (A) pleopod I (paratype male BL 8.2 mm: TU-SP.2). Photo also shows one genital papilla inserted on ventral side of pereionite VIII B, C, D pleopod II endopod (holotype male BL 8.2 mm: TU-SP.1) B, C ventral view and D lateral view.

  Part of: Malek-Hosseini MJ, Jugovic J, Fatemi Y, Kuntner M, Kostanjšek R, Douady CJ, Malard F (2022) A new obligate groundwater species of Asellus (Isopoda, Asellidae) from Iran. Subterranean Biology 42: 97-124.