Phylogenetic relationships among taxa belonging to the Asellus pattern derived from Maximum likelihood analysis of (A) 585 COI mtDNA sequences, (B) thirty 28S rDNA sequences. The clade comprised of M. dybowskii and L. poberezhnii was used as outgroup. In A, branches to molecular operational taxonomic units (MOTU) as delimited with the fixed threshold method implemented by Lefébure et al. (2006) were collapsed. In B, branches to the main clades were collapsed. Colors and symbols as in Fig. 9. Branch supports are approximate likelihood ratio test (aLRT) values (black) and bootstrap values (red).

  Part of: Malek-Hosseini MJ, Jugovic J, Fatemi Y, Kuntner M, Kostanjšek R, Douady CJ, Malard F (2022) A new obligate groundwater species of Asellus (Isopoda, Asellidae) from Iran. Subterranean Biology 42: 97-124.