Location and outlines of the study area A entrance of the Buso del Valon ice cave B updated distribution of Ischyropsalis ravasinii and I. strandi: the position of the cave is highlighted by an arrow C transversal and horizontal sections of the Buso del Valon ice cave (modified from Zorzin et al. 2015), with the locations of the selected stations and dataloggers used in the study. The extension of the permanent ice and snow coverage inside the cave is illustrated in light blue. The external station (ST5) is not shown D adult male Ischyropsalis ravasinii E replacement of the deep scree trap inside the scree. Abbreviations: DPS = sampling station with deep scree trap, ST1–4 = sampling stations 1–4 with pitfall traps.

  Part of: Petri I, Ballarin F, Latella L (2022) Seasonal abundance and spatio-temporal distribution of the troglophylic harvestman Ischyropsalis ravasinii (Arachnida, Opiliones, Ischyropsalididae) in the Buso del Valon ice cave, Eastern Italian Prealps. Subterranean Biology 42: 151-164. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.42.81486