Two-dimensional ordination with superimposed clusters of the stygobiotic faunas from different caves, based on Kulszinski similarity index. River valleys are shown by different colors. Caves: 1 New Athos 2 Simona Kananita 3 Nizhnyaya Shakuranskaya 4 Srednyaya Shakuranskaya 5 Tsebel’dinskaya 6 Abrskila 7 Golova Otapa 8 Well Uapatyh 9 Well 85 m.

  Part of: Chertoprud ES, Palatov DM, Borisov RR, Marinskiy VV, Bizin MS, Dbar RS (2016) Distribution and a comparative analysis of the aquatic invertebrate fauna in caves of the western Caucasus. Subterranean Biology 18: 49-70.