Tuberocandona leonidasi sp. nov. A LV external view ♂ (Holotype) B RV external view of ♀ (Allotype) C LV internal view of ♀ (Allotype) (dorsal margin broken) and D RV internal view of ♂ with hinge (Paratype) (posteroventral margin broken) E dorsal view of ♂ (Paratype) F muscle scars of ♂ G tubular pore canal of ♂. Scale bars: 70 µm (A–E); 10 µm (F, G) (two-sided arrow).

  Part of: Külköylüoğlu O, Ataman A, Gibson R, Diaz P (2023) A new genus, Tuberocandona gen. nov. (Crustacea, Ostracoda, Candonidae) and past to present ostracod species diversity in Texas (USA). Subterranean Biology 45: 119-140.