Subterranean Biology 10: 51-60, doi: 10.3897/subtbiol.10.4025
Literature survey, bibliographic analysis and a taxonomic catalogue of subterranean fauna from Portugal
Ana Reboleira, Fernando Gonçalves, Pedro Oromí

A bibliographic analysis of the hypogean biological studies in Portugal is made, compiling 138 publications related to the subterranean invertebrate fauna, since its begining in 1870 until November 2012.
A catalogue of hypogean endemic taxa is provided, listing 27 troglobionts and 63 stygobionts, described to be obligate hypogean and endemic from mainland Portugal (Macaronesian archipelagos excluded).
The first impetus on troglobiont studies was provided by the prospections of Barros Machado during 1940’s and by an expedition of Lindberg in the spring of 1961; and the major information about stygobiont species was provided by the former Instituto de Zoologia “Dr. Augusto Nobre” from Porto University.