Maximum likelihood gene trees for mitochondrial ND2 (left) and nuclear S7 (right) loci. Colors correspond to genetic lineages for Typhlichthys subterraneus designated in Niemiller et al. (2012b). Bootstrap values are to the left (ND2) or right (S7) of the corresponding node with >0.70 support. Outgroup taxa include Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni and Amblyopsis hoosieri. Scale bar unit: expected substitutions per site.

  Part of: Niemiller ML, Zigler KS, Hart PB, Kuhajda BR, Armbruster JW, Ayala BN, Engel AS (2016) First definitive record of a stygobiotic fish (Percopsiformes, Amblyopsidae, Typhlichthys) from the Appalachians karst region in the eastern United States. Subterranean Biology 20: 39-50.