Distribution of Typhlichthys subterraneus (solid circles) in southeastern Tennessee, northeastern Alabama, and northwestern Georgia. The new record at Crane Cave is denoted with a red triangle and lineage A localities are highlighted in peach. Lineage A populations that have been genetically examined are marked with an asterisk and labeled as follows: LMC – Limestone Caverns, LPC – Lost Pig Cave, LRW – Long’s Rock Wall, and PCS – Pryor Cave Spring. Counties with Typhlichthys records are labeled. Karst and cave-bearing strata are shaded gray based on the U.S. karst map (Weary and Doctor 2014). The border of the Appalachian Valley and Ridge (AVR) physiographic province is denoted by the dot and dashed line.

  Part of: Niemiller ML, Zigler KS, Hart PB, Kuhajda BR, Armbruster JW, Ayala BN, Engel AS (2016) First definitive record of a stygobiotic fish (Percopsiformes, Amblyopsidae, Typhlichthys) from the Appalachians karst region in the eastern United States. Subterranean Biology 20: 39-50. https://doi.org/10.3897/subtbiol.20.9693